Our Team

IDEAL’s team of experienced, full-service professionals is cross-trained in several environmental trades. Familiarity with the needs of each particular type of project is essential. Reading renovation blueprints and knowing building layouts are second nature for our staff. In fact, some of our clients have joked that due to the longevity of our employees, we know their buildings better than most of their maintenance staff.


Meet some of our team who work for the success of our clients and their projects:

Ronald L. Curry, President

Ron has inspected buildings for asbestos since the 1970s. His desire to run a top-notch environmental company is reflected in the IDEAL team of employees who work for him. He strives to be a caring employer, and that is one reason why IDEAL has such long-term staff. Ron believes that the success of a company is not based on the president, but it is based on employing knowledgeable, dependable, and trustworthy people who will work to do every job right.

Jerry L. Wilson, Vice President Engineering

Since IDEAL works on very complex asbestos abatement design projects, Jerry will often spend evenings at board meetings to help explain the abatement process to our clients. He has worked for IDEAL since 1995. He cares about the success of a project and is a recognized expert in his field. He is a key player in fostering communications between facility owners, architects, general contractors, performance contractors and others. It is easy to work with Jerry, and our clients appreciate that.

Kyle Cotton, Environmental Consultant

Kyle has been trained in the asbestos industry since 2012. He's knowledgeable about building construction, holds an asbestos professional license and is a licensed lead inspector. Kyle is personable and easy to work with. He helps make tough environmental situations simple to understand.

Pete Altieri, Manager-Asbestos Abatement Training

Pete started with IDEAL in 1990. Today, he manages our asbestos abatement department. He understands the urgency and sensitivity behind asbestos emergencies and sees clients’ emergencies as our emergencies. He oversees our safety division and works hard to ensure our projects are done safely, not only for our own employees, but also for building occupants.

Pete leads IDEAL’s training department and is our primary instructor, so he gets to hear the real world stories of facility operations and environmental concerns directly from the students he trains. Pete is personable and enjoys sharing his vast knowledge of the industry with others which is one reason why custodians, maintenance personnel, facility directors, etc. return year after year for their training. Talk with Pete, and you’ll feel like you’ve known him for years.

Steve Rock, Environmental Consultant

Many clients ask for Steve by name. He has been with IDEAL since 1993. Over the course of his employment, one might find him in a tunnel monitoring an asbestos abatement project or advising with a school superintendent on their asbestos management plan. Regardless of what his day holds, rest assured that he is always working for the success of the project.

Cynthia Westerhold, Licensed Asbestos Professional

Cindy has been with IDEAL since 1993, but she has been trained in the asbestos industry for even longer. Conscientious and detailed, she excels in helping our clients better understand the very complex rules for asbestos programs. Due to her diverse experience, she is also often relied upon to help ensure IDEAL's large asbestos abatement projects run smoothly.

Scott Liescheidt, Licensed Asbestos Professional

Scott has been trained in the asbestos industry since 1988. Scott assists our clients with asbestos and bleacher inspections, asbestos project management, asbestos air sampling and removal projects. Request him if you want a job well done, and request him if you want a laugh. You don’t forget a visit from Scott!

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