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Who We Are

The IDEAL Advantage

Many environmental firms popped up after the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act was signed into law (1980s). Many disappeared shortly after.

What sets IDEAL apart is that IDEAL has been around since the beginning. We stood by our work. We stand by our work.

We have the experience you need when you want a project done right the first time.


IDEAL's Beginning




Combined Years of Experience

Ron Sig Fake.png

Ron Curry


Ideal Environmental Engineering, Inc.

Our Experience

Big or small, every type of project and client is unique.

Our team of professionals have performed environmental services for a wide variety of clientele all over the state.

Here is a small selection of our clientele and project history.

Demolition Projects

Bloomington Housing Authority (Since 1998)
City of Decatur (1000+ since 2000!)
Maroa-Forsyth C.U.S.D. 2
Hoopeston Area C.U.S.D. 11
Hononegah Comm. H.S. Dist. 207

Other Projects and Clients

Eaton Corporation—Lincoln (Since 1994)

Iroquois Memorial Hospital (Since 1998)

Illinois Valley Community Hospital

Bridgestone-Firestone Facility, Normal

PQ Corporation, Multiple locations

Schools and Higher Education

Bement C.U.S.D. 5, Elim Christian School, Grand Ridge Ridge C.C.S.D. 95 (Since 1988!)
Illinois Wesleyan University (Since 1993)
Urbana S.D. 116 (Since 1999)
600+ Schools throughout Illinois!

Multi-Phase Renovations

Bradley University—Bradley Hall
Streator Township High School 
Illinois State Univ.—Schroeder Hall & Annex*
Washington C.H.S.D. 308—High School
Hoopeston Area C.U.S.D. 11—Middle School

*State of Illinois Capital Development Board Outstanding Renovation Award

Our Inspection Team.

Our Strength.

At IDEAL, our teams are our strength. Most team members would tell you “I’ve been doing this awhile.” We are proud that several employees have been with us for over 25 years or more. You know our veterans, and you’ll love our fresh faces, as we are committed to training for the future – ours and yours.

Meet some faces of IDEAL below!

Our Team

Managing or removing asbestos, lead, or mold can be overwhelming. Regulations, certifications, and licensing complicate it further.

That's why we offer the services we do. We save our clients' time and resources by assisting them with all their environmental needs.

All in one place.

All Roads lead to IDEAL

Our Bloomington headquarters is optimally positioned for reaching anywhere in the state.

We serve ALL of Illinois.

Don and Donna_edited.png

Strong Foundation

Like Amazon, Mattel, Apple, and The Walt Disney Co., IDEAL was created in a garage by a man with a vision. Donald “Don” Curry is our very own “Walt Disney.” In the 1970’s, rumblings of tightening regulations brought asbestos hazards into the limelight. Don caught wind and, after training, became the third licensed asbestos inspector in Illinois. With Don’s license in hand, The IDEAL Inspection Company was started! By the time AHERA was passed into law in the late 1980’s, Don already had his foot in the door of Illinois schools.

With the help and support of his loving wife Donna “Boots” Curry, IDEAL grew and expanded. Word was out that, when you worked with IDEAL, you worked with a team that did things right the first time. A team that makes quality their priority. Don knew that for IDEAL to succeed, schools had to succeed in managing their asbestos programs.

Soon The IDEAL Inspection Company transformed into IDEAL & Associates Environmental Engineering Services, Inc. Don’s vision had come true: he created a reputable, dependable, and professional company known throughout the state. He created jobs for his valued employees. With arms crossed, he smiled, proud of his accomplishments and a job well done.

Eventually, Don and Donna decided it was time to relax…though some may dispute they ever did! This is the point where many small businesses close shop, but Don had other plans. He knew that clients and families relied upon and trusted IDEAL. In 1997, Don put his trust in his son, Ron, and out of that trust was born IDEAL Environmental Engineering, Inc.

The name on the sign may have changed, but to this day, the vision and spirit of Don and Donna carry on throughout our office. Whether it is a small reminder of the past, the dedicated and hardworking employees, or the feeling of family, as soon as you walk through the front door, you are reminded of the legacy and foundation built by our Walt and his wife – Don and Donna Curry.  

Proudest Moment

big jim_edited.jpg

James "Big Jim" Langan
1931 - 2002

Big Jim - a teacher, a superintendent.

KNOWN and respected by all his peers, in the late 1980's, we met him too! He was a one-of-a-kind guy that anyone could talk to. We found that out when working for him on a renovation project at his school…Streator Woodland.

Impressed by our work, he asked to join our team once he retired. We were caught off guard and asked why. He said he wanted to represent our company and help us grow, as he was struck by our diligence and integrity we had shown to him. We shook hands!


In the 1990’s, he traveled the state, meeting with superintendents and school boards, introducing us. "Work with IDEAL, and IDEAL will help you with your asbestos program." That was his quiet message.

Many inspection companies that emerged due to the AHERA law quickly went out of business, and schools found themselves needing an inspection firm. As a result, Big Jim’s message became louder. "Hire IDEAL, and IDEAL will take care of you."

He assured his peers around the state that unlike their experience with the defunct inspection companies, IDEAL would be around year after year to help them.

Big Jim banked his reputation on his words, and schools trusted him. The number of schools we worked with grew tremendously for several years due to Big Jim’s word.

James “Big Jim” Langan left this world in 2002, but his lasting memory, hearty laugh and larger-than-life persona never fades from our office halls. We were grateful to know him, work with him and learn from him. The retired superintendent's request to work for IDEAL was by far one of our proudest moments.


Big Jim cared about his reputation. When you work with IDEAL, you'll see how we honor his reputation and ours by making sure we remain steadfast in the diligence and integrity that he saw in us.

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