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Additional Environmental Services

Lead, Mold, and Bleachers

Our additional environmental services include Lead, Mold, and Bleacher services.

Lead-based paint is still found in many buildings today. If it has been painted over, you may not even be aware it is there! However, exposure to lead is associated with serious health effects, especially in children and pregnant women. Our inspection team can help put your mind at ease.

Mold may be visible when it grows on a surface, but unseen mold can have effects on air quality and your health. 

Our bleacher inspections follow the International Construction Code.

Image by National Cancer Institute

Lead XRF Inspections

We offer Lead RRP training courses and IDPH-licensed professionals for lead inspections and risk assessments. 

Indoor Environmental Quality Assessments (Mold)

Our air sampling helps determine if any mold is present in your building and how it compares to the outside environment. We also provide testing of suspect mold found in a building.

Bleacher Inspections

We are not affiliated with any bleacher manufacturer and have no interest in promoting new bleacher sales. Our inspections follow the International Construction Code 300-2017 Standard for Bleachers, Folding and Telescopic Seating and Grandstands. With our value-added services like bleacher inspections, you can have IDEAL clear your to-do list. Save time and assets by bundling our services, and streamline your compliance tasks.

Lead Abatement Design and Monitoring

Lead Abatement is regulated separately from Lead RRP activities. If you are abating lead materials, you want to ensure it's done correctly. Our team has decades of experience with abatement design and abatement monitoring.

Lead Paint Chip Sampling

In spite of the 1978 ban, lead-based paint is still frequently found today. After several decades and various owners, who knows what's underneath the top coat? 

Lead-in-Water Sampling

Lead in pipes and pipe solder can leach into the water flowing through them. Fluctuations in water chemistry – outside of your control –can exacerbate this and go unnoticed. If your building has aging plumbing, lead-in-water sampling will shed light on your water quality.

Lead In Water
Test Kits

Ready to sample on your own?


Test kits include bottles, analysis at an IEPA-accredited lab, and a written report.

We'll be there for you when you get your results.

Call our office for pricing.

Icemaker Source
Single Source
Lead in Water Test Kits


  • Inspections 

  • Laboratory Analysis (NVLAP, PAT) 

  • Management Planning 

  • Abatement Design 

  • Abatement Project Management 

  • Abatement Air Sampling 

  • Emergency Response

  • O&M Repair 

  • Abatement 

  • Cleanup 

  • Documentation Organization 


  • LEAD RRP Training (Initial & Refresher)

  • Asbestos Worker and Supervisor Initial Training 

  • Asbestos Worker and Supervisor Refresher Training 

  • Asbestos Floor Tile Removal Worker & Competent Person Courses 

  • Asbestos Roofers Course 

  • Asbestos Awareness Training (Initial & Refresher) 

Lead and More

  • Bleacher Inspections 

  • Indoor Environmental Quality Assessments (Mold) 

  • Lead XRF Inspections 

  • Lead Paint Chip Sampling 

  • Lead Abatement Design 

  • Lead Abatement Monitoring 

  • Lead-in-Water Sampling 

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