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Pre-Demolition and Pre-Renovation

Asbestos management and design services

Before you begin any renovation or demolition plans, you must know three key words: THINK ASBESTOS FIRST.  Our team will take you through the process and help you understand the multitude of asbestos regulations that affect every renovation or demolition. When you team with IDEAL, you team with experts who know the importance of asbestos management and abatement design services. We work hard to ensure your plans deal with asbestos regulations from the get go – not as an afterthought.

From AHERA and NESHAP inspections and compliance, to management plan reorganizations and required training –asbestos management is necessary and important for all types of projects and building owners.

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Asbestos Inspections & Surveillance

AHERA and NESHAP-compliant inspections; NVLAP-accredited and PAT-proficient laboratory analysis

Asbestos Training

Our Asbestos Awareness training is ideal for any tradesmen coming to your jobsite. We also offer training for the onsite representative for a demolition project as required by NESHAP 40 CFR Part 61, Subpart M.

Asbestos Engineering Projects

Management Planning, Abatement Design, Abatement Project Management, and Abatement Air Sampling. 

Your emergencies are our emergencies.

Asbestos Removal and O&M Repair

IDEAL is a licensed Asbestos Abatement Contractor. We operate a 24-hour emergency O&M repair and removal service. Our skilled emergency response crews are courteous and professional. Your emergency is our emergency, and we are prepared to assist you at all times to help ensure the least disruption to your daily operations.

Indoor Environmental Quality Assessments (Mold)

Our air sampling helps determine if any mold is present in your building and how it compares to the outside environment. We also provide testing of suspect mold found in a building.

Lead & Other Services

We offer Lead RRP training courses and IDPH-licensed professionals for lead inspections and risk assessments. 


  • Inspections 

  • Laboratory Analysis (NVLAP, PAT) 

  • Management Planning 

  • Abatement Design 

  • Abatement Project Management 

  • Abatement Air Sampling 

  • Emergency Response

  • O&M Repair 

  • Abatement 

  • Cleanup 

  • Documentation Organization 


  • LEAD RRP Training (Initial & Refresher)

  • Asbestos Worker and Supervisor Initial Training 

  • Asbestos Worker and Supervisor Refresher Training 

  • Asbestos Floor Tile Removal Worker & Competent Person Courses 

  • Asbestos Roofers Course 

  • Asbestos Awareness Training (Initial & Refresher) 

Lead and More

  • Bleacher Inspections 

  • Indoor Environmental Quality Assessments (Mold) 

  • Lead XRF Inspections 

  • Lead Paint Chip Sampling 

  • Lead Abatement Design 

  • Lead Abatement Monitoring 

  • Lead-in-Water Sampling 

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