Floor Tile Removal Supply Rental

Equipment for Rental - Schools Only

Call our office today to reserve your floor tile removal equipment, including:

      Infrared Machine, HEPA Vac, Personal Air Pump, Area Air Pump & Rotameter

Purchase Supplies - Schools Only

IDEAL can provide you with all the supplies you need for your next floor tile removal project, including:

      Mastic Remover, Absorber, Cleaner, HEPA Vac Bags, PCM Air Sample Cassettes, Disposal Bags and Boxes, 6mil Poly, Spray                  Glue, etc.

Air Cassette Analysis

IDEAL can provide analysis of your air sample cassettes taken during your floor tile removal projects in our PAT-proficient laboratory. 

Infrared Floor Tile Machines

Floor Tile Removal Training

Illinois law requires all persons removing floor tile to be trained. IDEAL provides floor tile removal training!


View upcoming Floor Tile Removal Training dates and other training courses offered by IDEAL.

Floor Tile Removal in Schools