Proudest Moment

James S. Langan

Our conference room is dedicated to James "Big Jim" Langan.


Big Jim was a school teacher and superintendent. In the late 1980's, IDEAL met Big Jim while

working on a renovation project for him while he was the superintendent at Streator-Woodland

School District. Big Jim was known and respected by other superintendents throughout the state.

He was a one-of-a-kind individual that everyone knew and that anyone could talk to.


After Jim retired from his superintendency, he asked to start working for IDEAL as a representative.

Caught off-guard by a superintendent wanting to work for us, we asked why he would want to do

such a thing!


He replied that he was so struck by the diligence, honesty and integrity of the service that we

provided to him and his district that he wanted to represent us to help grow our company.


So Big Jim joined our staff in 1990. He traveled the state, meeting with superintendents and school

boards, introducing them to IDEAL to help make sure their asbestos programs were successful.


Many of the inspection companies that sprang up due to the emergence of the AHERA law went out of business after the surge of initial school inspections were done. IDEAL was not one of those companies. We were around before the AHERA rule, and we have continued long after. In 1991 and 1992, due to the closing of those original businesses, many schools found themselves in need of an honest and reputable inspection company to perform their first three-year reinspection. As Big Jim talked to schools, he assured them that IDEAL could get the job done for them with honesty, integrity and excellence. He assured them that unlike their experience with the defunct inspection companies, IDEAL would be around year after year to help them with their asbestos program.


Big Jim banked his reputation on those types of statements. Schools trusted Big Jim then, and they continue to trust IDEAL today. Our client base grew tremendously in 1991 and 1992. Big Jim was a large reason for the number of schools that chose us as their consultant during those years and several years to follow. We feel our reputation is the number one reason why we continue to serve many of those same clients today.


Big Jim left this world in 2002, but his lasting memory, hearty laugh and larger-than-life persona never fades from within the walls of our office. We were grateful to know him, work with him and learn from him. And his request to work for IDEAL was by far one of our proudest moments.