Commercial Asbestos Services

The asbestos world is a complicated place when it comes to commercial buildings. Have no fear, IDEAL is here for you. Whether you recently purchased a small space to run your Etsy store, operate a small apartment complex or are a massive manufacturing complex, IDEAL can help you with all of your asbestos needs. 

Inspection Prior to Renovation

Inspection Prior to Demolition

Asbestos Abatement Design

IDEAL provides expert planning and engineering for the asbestos abatement process. Our engineering team is responsive to our clients' needs. We are committed to completing projects on time, without cost overruns or problems, and without sacrificing safety measures. Our success is in the details, which we refuse to overlook. Our design services include:

  • Job-specific asbestos removal specifications

  • Detailed drawings

  • Project coordination

  • Meeting attendance

  • Bidding and contract documents

Asbestos Project Management & Air Sampling

IDEAL is committed to ensuring that our clients' abatement projects run smoothly and in accordance with design specifications. We employ experienced project managers and air sampling professionals to oversee the asbestos abatement contractor with competency and integrity.

Asbestos Removal and O&M Repair

IDEAL is a licensed Asbestos Abatement Contractor. We operate a 24-hour emergency O&M repair and removal service. Our skilled emergency response crews are courteous and professional. Your emergency is our emergency, and we are prepared to assist you at all times to help ensure the least disruption to your daily operations.

Online Document Storage Solutions

Is years and years of asbestos related documentation taking up valuable office space? Let IDEAL organize it all and put it in our online document storage portal! No more paper to worry about. Access and review your documents from any computer or mobile device!