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Asbestos Work Permit System for Short-Term Workers/Vendors

Considerable interest has been shown in IDEAL’s custom-designed asbestos work permit system for short-term workers/vendors. We took the time to carefully design our system because we have witnessed first-hand the struggles schools have implementing an accurate and reliable system. Many schools are pleased with our system’s simple design and ease of use.


A work permit system is used to help avoid inadvertent disturbance of asbestos. It is a required part of your asbestos program, yet it is often overlooked and absent from management plans.


Why is a work permit system important?

Did you know, if a vendor disturbs asbestos containing material in your school, one of the first things IDPH asks for is the work permit issued to the vendor? Illegal disturbance of asbestos can cause cleanup costs which can exceed $100,000 with the possibility of additional fines and penalties.

Don’t let this happen to YOU!


Work permits are your friend!

Friends are there for you when you need help. Let our thoughtfully designed work permit system be your newest friend!

Asbestos Inspections

IDEAL provides inspections to evaluate the quantity, location and condition of suspect asbestos containing materials in commercial, residential and school buildings. We provide services for the in-place management of asbestos in your building and inspections prior to renovation or demolition. 

Our clients rely on IDEAL as their go-to source for quality asbestos inspections. Our inspectors are EPA-AHERA accredited, licensed and are often requested by name.

At IDEAL, we help our clients safely manage asbestos in their buildings and to instinctively THINK ASBESTOS FIRST before starting any building renovation or demolition projects.

We specialize in working for Illinois Schools

IDEAL provides a full range of asbestos services (6-Month Surveillances, 3-Year Reinspections, Asbestos Management Plan Reorganizations, Renovation Inspections & Project Design/Management) to over 600 schools in Illinois. We know the complex rules and regulations governing schools. We work hard to provide successful asbestos management programs. 

Abatement Design

IDEAL provides expert planning and engineering for the asbestos abatement process. Our engineering team is responsive to our clients' needs. We are committed to completing projects on time, without cost overruns or problems, and without sacrificing safety measures. Our success is in the details, which we refuse to overlook. Our design services include:

  • Job-specific asbestos removal specifications

  • Detailed drawings

  • Project coordination

  • Meeting attendance

  • Bidding and contract documents

Project Management & Air Sampling

IDEAL is committed to ensuring that our clients' abatement projects run smoothly and in accordance with design specifications. We employ experienced project managers and air sampling professionals to oversee the asbestos abatement contractor with competency and integrity.

Removal and O&M Repair

IDEAL is a licensed Asbestos Abatement Contractor. We operate a 24-hour emergency O&M repair and removal service. Our skilled emergency response crews are courteous and professional. Your emergency is our emergency, and we are prepared to assist you at all times to help ensure the least disruption to your daily operations.

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